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Once your business is on social media, it’s no longer merely a brand or a product, but a content broadcaster. So, are you ready to compete, thrive and stand out as one?

Featured work

Ras Al Khaimah Rebrand

Sometimes, breathing new life into the brand that represents a destination with an incredibly rich offering needs more than just focusing on the facts. So, we set out to think big.

RAK Calling

With 99% of social media users regularly logging into their accounts via smartphones, we decided to raise the bar with an innovative vertical format that caters to the preferences of the absolute majority of the audience. The result was incredible: 16 influencers, tons of action, truly shared moments, and phones being taken over!

Pet Friendly

There are few things cooler than an opportunity to promote the first pet-friendly destination in the Middle East. With barely any time and shooting budget, we put together a fun story about a goofy group of dogs exploring the options for their next holiday over Zoom.

Ras Al Khaimah Website

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the region. Our brief was to reimagine the website in a way that represents the brand more effectively, along with its energy and the phenomenal offering of the destination.


As VONQ grows from an online tool to a full-fledged brand, our mission was to transform their product website into a brand one—making it light, inviting, user-friendly and reflective of its identity.

Earth Hotels Identity

One of the most hip, trendy hotels to stay in. Our challenge was therefore to make the brand as playful and cool as the people who stay here. We rolled out a visual identity that’s engaging, artistic, inviting and fun.

Earth Hotels Website

One of the most hip, trendy hotels to stay in. Our challenge was therefore to make the brand as playful and cool as the people who stay here. The website had to reflect the fun side of the brand, while also serving as a user-friendly booking platform —and we pulled it off!

Yonikorn Identity

Yonikorn is a platform where you can sell anything, to anyone through the most engaging influencers on the planet for Zero marketing budget! The Idea of the platform is as unusual and unique as a unicorn, and it focuses on servicing “you.” So we focused on these 2 elements to come up with this awesome iconic looking logo.



What are campaigns if not a collection of messages to be delivered from a client to a target audience in the fastest, most effective and engaging way? We fire up the buzz you need to achieve your strategic and business goals and elevate your brand by helping you make a lasting impression.


The industry, the audiences and communication streams are always on the move, always evolving. Our research paves the way for the rollout of a spot-on strategy that’s insightful and relevant to the audience and the environment, and ultimately, a brand that attracts, resonates and inspires.


Where technology meets creativity to produce measured results and optimized performance, our astronauts assess your website and study the market category with the goal of helping you develop that digital platform into a powerful tool for business growth.


They say data is everything, but that’s not entirely true. What makes a real difference is analysis and planning. We are confident in our ability to make the most of your budget, extend your reach and audience engagement, and deliver optimal results.


When your creative, media, strategy and social media function as one, there is no limit to how smart, efficient and engaging your content can be. We plan, publish and monitor your social media content and manage your community to meet your business objectives, both directly and indirectly.

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We accept crypto payments!

Payment by crypto is being rolled out across the globe, and it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay.

It all starts with a big bang!

Against all odds. A full rebranding and repositioning of a destination during the pandemic gets global recognition—bagging 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

RAK Calling

In Sputnik Floyd’s Jebel Jais social media takeover, a picture is worth 7 million+ followers.


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