Vox Pop

The idea of the Vox Pop activation came along when doing research and gathering insights about Ras Al Khaimah’s international challenges as a destination. While conducting a series of interviews with international travelers from Ras Al Khaimah’s key markets to gauge the challenges and awareness, we noticed that 99% of participants had difficulty articulating or […]


It’s the first ever insurance for gamers & the first virtual asset protection. Building on 3 of the most popular games, gaming characters address their gamers in 3 online films asking them for support and protection. And the idea behind it is quite simple and logical; If I get wasted, you will get wasted, because […]


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Puma Arsenal Launch

With its new official sponsor, PUMA wanted to announce the new partnership with Arsenal. We did not have access to the players, therefore the traditional press conference announcement was not an option. This is a great example of how challenges can be turned into even bigger opportunities. Sometimes the most obvious simple idea could be the […]

Coke Studio

The middle east is culturally split in two: people who are mostly traditional, following local culture and habits, and the western influenced group. The split can clearly be seen in the way they dress, they talk, they behave and even the music they listen to. Coca-Coca is a brand that promotes happiness and togetherness. So […]