Following our successful launch of Insurninja’s first campaign, we worked with our partners to produce a bold piece of communication to usher in a new era for the insurance industry.

It’s the first ever insurance for gamers & the first virtual asset protection. Building on 3 of the most popular games, gaming characters address their gamers in 3 online films asking them for support and protection.

And the idea behind it is quite simple and logical; If I get wasted, you will get wasted, because I am you and you are me. So if you protect yourself, then why the hell wouldn’t you protect me? An insurance is all about protecting you from the “unknown” which could take away valuable assets that costed you time and money to acquire. Gamers are no strangers to investing time and money.

It takes years to develop, countless hours of training and gaming to reach a top level rankings, patience and persistence to grow your assets and of course constant payments to upgrade and update your hardware and software.

As if that is not enough to go for a gamer’s insurance, gamers are also very involved in their games, emotionally bound to their worlds and completely dedicated to their teams and clans.
So why wouldn’t you protect for a small price, all what is priceless for you? 😉

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