Pet Friendly

There are few things cooler than an opportunity to promote the first pet-friendly destination in the Middle East. With barely any time and shooting budget, we put together a fun story about a goofy group of dogs exploring the options for their next holiday over Zoom.

The Challenge

Following Ras Al Khaimah’s new nature destination strategy and the establishment of pet friendly guidelines for hotels across the Emirate, on a short notice we had to create an awareness campaign to support RAKTDA in being the first emirate and destination in the Middle East to announce it is pet friendly.

The Solution

The main challenge was that we had no time or budget to shoot, so we built a concept around existing footage and turned it into an engaging story between dogs with one main video and 3 cuts to maximize reach.

The Results

The campaign resonated very well with pet owners in the UAE reaching 83% of the expats who are actively engaging with pets related content across Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. A total of 914,943 social interactions, 52,045 clicks to website and 10,059 website visits. The total clickthrough rate was 0.42% against a benchmark of 0.27%.
Social interactions
Clicks to website
Website visits

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