Puma Arsenal Launch

The idea: as simple as shooting the cat out of the cannon! We turned this phygital idea into one of the most entertaining activations that Dubai has ever seen. Best of all, the new kits totally sold out!
With its new official sponsor, PUMA wanted to announce the new partnership with Arsenal. We did not have access to the players, therefore the traditional press conference announcement was not an option.
This is a great example of how challenges can be turned into even bigger opportunities. Sometimes the most obvious simple idea could be the best and most unexpected. Puma has the famous wild cat shape as its logo, whereas the gunners use the old cannon. It’s simple: shoot the cat out of the cannon!
We turned this idea into one of the most fun activations that Dubai has ever seen. People waited hours in line to shoot the Puma into a giant jersey, which made the partnership great fun and visually memorable.
To make sure that those people who couldn’t attend also got engaged, a game app was developed through which people could connect from their smartphones straight to the cannon and shoot. The event exceeded all expectation: the new outfit sold out in one day, the buzz reached all arsenal fans, even far beyond, and the opponent’s fans got jealous and challenged their teams to think out of the box.

Our team members worked on and led this project. All rights belong to the clients and agencies for which they were created.

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