Vox Pop

Ras Al Khaimah…a destination worth remembering. But can people on the street recall the name?

The idea of the Vox Pop activation came along when doing research and gathering insights about Ras Al Khaimah’s international challenges as a destination.

While conducting a series of interviews with international travelers from Ras Al Khaimah’s key markets to gauge the challenges and awareness, we noticed that 99% of participants had difficulty articulating or remembering the name of the destination due to its length and peculiarities of pronunciation. This meant we had another challenge at hand which we needed to focus on to reach the best results in our communication.

Therefore, creating fun and memorable content that would help people memorise the name would raise awareness internationally about the RAS AL KHAIMAH name and at the same time highlight the destination’s main attractions.

Vox Pop was shot in 3 major cities of Ras Al Khaimah’s main markets: London, Berlin and Moscow.

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