Stuff we made

From Strike to Stroke

Sputnik Floyd and sister company Mr. B.Chain launch first ever football-inspired NFT for Ithra, generated by match heat maps and stats.

Ras Al Khaimah Rebrand

Sometimes, breathing new life into the brand that represents a destination with an incredibly rich offering needs more than just focusing on the facts. So, we set out to think big.

RAK Calling

With 99% of social media users regularly logging into their accounts via smartphones, we decided to raise the bar with an innovative vertical format that caters to the preferences of the absolute majority of the audience. The result was incredible: 16 influencers, tons of action, truly shared moments, and phones being taken over!

Pet Friendly

There are few things cooler than an opportunity to promote the first pet-friendly destination in the Middle East. With barely any time and shooting budget, we put together a fun story about a goofy group of dogs exploring the options for their next holiday over Zoom.

Ras Al Khaimah Website

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the region. Our brief was to reimagine the website in a way that represents the brand more effectively, along with its energy and the phenomenal offering of the destination.

Vox Pop

Ras Al Khaimah…a destination worth remembering. But can people on the street recall the name?


As VONQ grows from an online tool to a full-fledged brand, our mission was to transform their product website into a brand one—making it light, inviting, user-friendly and reflective of its identity.

Earth Hotels Identity

One of the most hip, trendy hotels to stay in. Our challenge was therefore to make the brand as playful and cool as the people who stay here. We rolled out a visual identity that’s engaging, artistic, inviting and fun.

Earth Hotels Website

One of the most hip, trendy hotels to stay in. Our challenge was therefore to make the brand as playful and cool as the people who stay here. The website had to reflect the fun side of the brand, while also serving as a user-friendly booking platform —and we pulled it off!

Yonikorn Identity

Yonikorn is a platform where you can sell anything, to anyone through the most engaging influencers on the planet for Zero marketing budget! The Idea of the platform is as unusual and unique as a unicorn, and it focuses on servicing “you.” So we focused on these 2 elements to come up with this awesome iconic looking logo.

Yonikorn Website

We love startups! Yonikorn is an ambitious platform that connects sellers to influencers free-of-charge for the first time, and the transaction is based on performance sales. The complex mechanics and need to simplify and package them for the website users in a way that they could relate to were part of a fantastic challenge for us to take on, and we were excited to step up!


The core truths of good branding: make it memorable; make it relevant. DRYYE is not just an awesome, functional towel. It’s also a fashion statement. As far as towels go, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Wake Up!

When it comes to content, a brand’s or a product’s value needs to be communicated in a creative and entertaining way. Sometimes simplicity is the best approach, yet with so much content clutter out there, a creative twist with a short message gives your content an edge. Play this video with audio, you’ll wake up!


Following our successful launch of Insurninja’s first campaign, we worked with our partners to produce a bold piece of communication to usher in a new era for the insurance industry.


Ever heard of newsjacking? That’s when you build messaging based on a current news and trending topics. And that’s exactly how we approached the communication promoting the CROOWS app—but we took it even further by literally ‘borrowing’ the news and the anchor!

Unfluencer Campaign

Christmas is a time for giving, so we decided to engage with the most loyal customers who barely had any followers and treat them like big influencers. The feel-good approach got plenty of exposure and praise from the public, who saw a brand acting in an unexpected but relevant and memorable way.

Wellness With Attitude

Not every conscious experience has to be serious. Wellness tourism at Ras Al Khaimah comes with attitude, playfulness and beautiful scenery. We partnered up with 2 of the top international yoga influencers to explore Ras Al Khaimah and capture their experience in a mood video to further promote the destination with a focus on nature, outdoors and wellness tourism.

Nexus LoL Championship

Riot Games’ hugely popular multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends, was launching their biggest competitive tournament in the Middle East. Our team provided invaluable support in planning and supervising content creation and production to make the event an enormous success.

Puma Arsenal Launch

The idea: as simple as shooting the cat out of the cannon! We turned this phygital idea into one of the most entertaining activations that Dubai has ever seen. Best of all, the new kits totally sold out!

Coke Studio

As probably the first integrated branded content series on TV, Coke Studio formally ushered in the end of conventional and not-so-engaging sponsorship branding. 

No Distractions Billboard

During a month of the year where outdoor media turns into a cloud of visual promo pollution, we chose to create the first empty, no-distraction outdoor promotion in order to highlight a respect for the culture and help prevent accidents on the UAE’s busiest road.

Innovation Cube AR Activation

Mastercard is planning the future of payment and the objective was to show people how it’s done.

Now & From Everywhere Cinema Stunt

As part of their relaunch, Sky News wanted to build on the fact that they bring you the latest news on the spot and from the spot. “Now and from everywhere” was the claim of this successful campaign, but they wanted to take it further with an unconventional twist.


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